Blog Writing

A blog provides a company with so much.

It’s a chance to share your industry expertise and provide your audience with truly useful information.

It also provides fresh, relevant content for social media and newsletters. No more simply retweeting or liking what others are putting out there, you get to add your own voice and ideas.

Search engines love new, original content; making blog posts a great way to improve your SEO and help people find you online.

How We Work

Every company has a story; how & why they started, what passion drives them and what they want to share with the world.

blog writing

Listening to you talk about your business in free flow gives a clear indication of your natural tone, which we try to capture in the articles. Perhaps it’s a jokey and informal voice, or a more direct, fact driven one.
We go over the strategy, we build up a bank of articles in advance. Sometimes we source the images, sometimes we schedule the social media. Always we listen.

And it works.

Obviously we’re going to say that, it’s a big part of our business (and one of my favourites) but it genuinely does. We’ve had clients see a 300% increase in their website traffic because of our blogs, we’ve built monthly readerships of 500+ and most importantly those visitors and readers have turned into leads and then into sales. Yay for blogs.