Social Media

social mediaSocial media is a brilliant tool for growing awareness of your brand, and developing meaningful relationships.

At Spotty Octopus we split social media management into two areas; content and engagement.

We find people often worry about putting out content; ‘will we have enough, do we have too much, we don’t want to be salesy or pushy’ are all common concerns.

Working together we’ll identify your brands tone & voice, and come up with a social media strategy. This’ll include a schedule of posts which combines engaging industry relevant news as well as information on your company, products and people.

When it comes to engagement (that’s the responding to questions bit) we always recommend it’s done in-house, after all you guys are the experts! We provide training to help get your team up to speed and confident with online conversations.

Where in-house is not possible we’ll happily do it for you (we’ll just give you a bell if something comes up which we can’t answer!).